Boutique Labour Law Firm

Labour law: a crucial aspect of companies

Galibier Legal is a Boutique Labour Law and Talent Consultancy Firm, which is highly specialised in its area of practice and has a global reach. It is led by a team of professionals with a proven track record of excellence.

We are particularly skilful at identifying the risks of illegal transfer arising from corporate outsourcing.

We chair the Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Guild of Catalonia, as well as the Secretariat for the Association of Manufacturers of Leather Goods, Travel Items and Related Industries (ASEMAVI).

We negotiate sectoral collective agreements with trade unions in Madrid and Catalonia. We are experienced in negotiating and drafting equality plans, workplace harassment protocols, teleworking protocols and flexibility protocols for organisations.

We provide managers with advice on labour-related issues, such as non-competition, confidentiality and minimum employment commitment agreements, among others.

We have a wealth of experience in the legal management of international talent, as well as in the expatriation of managers.
We provide services for human resources departments in terms of training in the implementation of organisational values using the analogy of our extensive personal experience in cycling.

We are capable of transferring the values of major sporting events to the demands of business organisations, placing a special emphasis on the value of focusing on attainable goals as the key to individual and organisational success. We understand that the failure to achieve set goals leads to the breakdown in the organisation’s trust in an employee, and we intervene in an effort to avoid conflict.

We provide approaches to always stay focused on the goals. As part of our strategic advisory services in terms of labour law, we keep our clients abreast of all legal and jurisprudential developments in Spain.

We provide services specialising in